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Easdale Island Folk Museum is situated on Easdale Island near Oban in Argyll on the west coast of Scotland. The island gained in prominance during the 18th century with the rise of the slate industry after the Earl of Breadalbane set up the Marble and Slate Quarrying Company of Netherlorn to exploit the local Easdale Slate.

The folk museum has well designed displays depicting a range of topics from the slate industry, army volunteers, education, and public health to geology, boats, and entertainment. There are genealogical records for the Kilbrandon and Kilchattan parish as well as rent books, Masonic records, and a map of Easdale Island circa 1881 on hard copy.

For genealogy enthusiasts, the Museum has an online facility for anyone wishing to carry out research into their family history while researchers are also on hand.

The whole of Easdale Island is of historical interest and any questions which arise whilst walking around will be gladly answered by the friendly and knowledgeable museum staff most of whom are local volunteers.

There is a free quiz and small play area to keep the kids happy and for visitors wishing to study any particular subject such as genealogy, staff will assist as much as possible.

Easdale Island

Easdale Island Folk Museum was set up in 1980 by the island's owner at that time, Chris Nicholson, and without his interest and support the museum would not be here today. The original curator, Jean Adams, was a direct descendant of a slate quarrier's family. It was Jean who, with the assistance of local residents and families associated with the island collected, collated and arranged the displays of artefacts, all of which originated in the locality. Jean, after 25 years sterling service, retired in 2006.

The museum today is now owned by the community under the auspices of Eilean Eisdeal, the island charitable company who managed at relatively short notice to raise the necessary funding in conjunction with the Big Lottery to purchase the museum in 2008

Easdale Island Folk Museum is open daily from 1 April to end September

     11.00am - 4.00pm

Open during the winter by arrangement